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She's dressed in latex, dressed to kill. You're strung up, naked, by your wrists, feet bound wide apart, your balls hanging free between your spread  legs. She moves slowly, deliberately, as one by one she clamps the pegs on your sensitive nut sack. You wince in pain, but your cock begins to harden. And then she touches the electrode, oh so delicately, to the tip of your stiffened penis, and your world explodes in agony and ecstasy as you experience your ultimate femdom CBT dream. Go ahead, live the fantasy...

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Sadistic Domme Ties His Nuts in Knots

She's no Girl Scout, that's certain, but she sure knows how to knot that rope! She's bound his testicles like a circus balloon animal and attached his penis to the waist chain for a nice hard pull each time her captive moves. Can't you just feel the pressure on your balls as the cord tightens and tugs? And she's not done yet. This sadistic redhead and her domme friends have plenty of femdom CBT delights in store for the cocks they've captured!

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Latex Bitch Pins and Whips Her Sissy Boy

Maybe the rope's not for you. Maybe you'd prefer having your bag riddled with clothespins like this spreadeagled, pink-pantied boy. His wonderfully wicked mistress likes to whip his genitals when he's helplessly suspended and painfully pinned. She's making sure he knows who's wearing the latex pants in this relationship. Doesn't it just bring out the sissy in you to watch him writhe under her extreme femdom CBT? Wouldn't you like to be there?

Vicious Vixens Whip the Meat!
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Twisted Mistress Rattles Her Slave's Balls

She's got him strung up against the wall, his cock collared and his nuts bulging from the pressure of the leather restraint. One by one she hangs the  weights, until his hard phallus is perpendicular to the floor, and when he can stand no more, she raises her heeled foot and kicks those lead balls, as her slave crys out in agony, in ecstacy. Do you like to feel the lead swinging from your swollen member?  This nasty domme's femdom CBT dungeon awaits!

Sadistic Dommes Busting Balls! 
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